We Boxeal Systems Private Limited presents its first, Patented “Made in India” One Time Bolt Seal (RFID E Seal) for export Container. Your Search for the Right Product Ends Here. We take pride in introducing our company Boxeal Systems Pvt. Ltd. as a RFID Bolt eSeal provider certified by CBIC (Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs).

Today, Boxeal Group is India’s leading Govt. (Customs) approved Company engaged as Supplier of RFID Container one time Bolt E-Seal.

Boxeal Systems Private Limited successfully established its presence across Pan India with a strong foundation of multicity network in North, East, West and South zones, soon transforming into worldwide business hubs of tomorrow. At Boxeal, we believe that a product may have a warranty period but a service has no time limit. We are by your side throughout the transaction and long after it's done with 24*7 Premier Support

UHF RFID Bolt Seal Specifications

BOXEAL is a UHF RFID bolt seal specifically designed for the needs of high-volume ports and companies. This RFID bolt seal has all the same security features of a traditional SO17712:2013 High Security Bolt Seal but the addition of an RFID chip allows for automatic identification of any container or transport vehicle as it passes through an RFID reader. The RFID chip will also record any attempt to tamper with or defeat the seal. This is the ideal solution for efficiently processing high volumes of containers or trucks while guaranteeing cargo security.

  • Materials: ABS and Carbon Steel
  • Frequency: 840 - 960MHz
  • Reading Range: >6m
  • Temperature: -40°C / 85°C
  • Frequency to write and read: >100,000 times
  • Data Retention: >10 years
  • RFID Inlay: Unique identification


One-time use high security seal requires bolt cutters for removal Unique ID number & Anti-tampering

  • Tracking: Ability to track at RFID scanning points
  • High Security: ISO 17712:2013 H Complaint
  • Web Portal: Monitor each operation step
  • Reliable Technology: Waterproof and Anti-rotation
  • Efficiency: Reduce time for IN/Out gate operation
  • One Time Use: RFID Data can be read, only when locked
  • Unique TID No.: Prevent tampering or replication
  • RFID Reader: Handheld/Fixed facility
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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